Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a systematic form of exercise that unites the body and mind, emphasizing core strength, stability and conditioning, utilizing the principles of breathing, balance, concentration, focus, flow, precision and control, Exercises can be performed on a mat or with equipment, in a group or private / semi-private setting. Sessions are typically an hour.  In mat work, you are using primarily your own body weight as resistance to perform the movements. Equipment work is based on spring tension used as resistance.

How will Pilates help me change my body?

Pilates is known to improve posture, correct alignment, increase flexibility, develop muscle tone, relieve stress and condition the core. Pilates aims to work all parts of the body, enhancing the mind / body connection.

What is the GYROTONIC® Method?

The GYROTONIC® Method is an equipment based workout which utilizes a variety of apparatus. The GYROTONIC® Method focuses on fluidity and breath and produces movement that is elegant and functional. The nature of the equipment allows for constant and smooth three dimensional movement. Each movement of the body has a corresponding breathing pattern that stimulates the nervous system, opens up the energy pathways and oxygenates the blood.

What is the GYROKINESIS® Method?

The GYROKINESIS® Method focuses on the same principles of the GYROTONIC® Method, but without the equipment.  Typical class format begins with participants seated on a stool performing natural movements of the spine.  The second half of the class is done on the floor. Sessions embody a dance-like flow and draws influences from dance, yoga, tai-chi, gymnastics and swimming.

How will the GYROTONIC METHOD® help to change my body?

The GYROTONIC® Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method are modalities of exercise designed to enrich the health and vitality of the spine through three dimensional movement and supported and unrestricted range of motion through the joints. The movements in the GYROTONIC® Expansion System help to produce clearer body awareness, improved symmetry, increased flexibility and an increase of space of the joints and decompression of the spine.

I have an injury or condition. Can I still do Pilates or the GYROTONIC® Method?

Pilates can often help to alleviate or lesson the symptoms of a multitude of conditions such as lower back pain, scoliosis, frozen shoulder and wrist pain . It can also be used as a transition from physical therapy for those rehabilitating from surgery or injury as the work involves little to no impact on joints and stresses proper form and body mechanics. Individuals who suffer from conditions such as low back pain, knee problems and hip pain have found relief and sometimes cessation of pain from their ailments with regular practice of the GYROTONIC® Method.

It is recommended that clients with injury or chronic conditions work with an instructor one on one prior to joining group classes so that they may learn to work safely and apply the proper modifications to exercises while in a group setting.

How many hours a week should I workout?

To achieve optimal results you should aim to come in 2-3 times per week, however some clients come in when they can and do 1 hour per week. Be realistic with your budget, schedule and lifestyle so that you may consistent in your attendance in order for you to get the most out of your experience.

What should I wear?

You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving around in and sweating in. Keep in mind that on occasion you may be lying down with one or two of your legs in the air. Clothing should be form fitting, so that your instructor may see your body, but feel free to wear a looser fitting shirt over your workout wear.

What should expect at my first lesson?

Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your lesson so that you may fill out a client profile. Your instructor will start out your lesson with a discussion of your physical conditions or injuries that may affect your work with us and your personal goals.  At that point, your instructor may choose to perform an assessment of postural symmetry and alignment. You will then be instructed on some basic movement fundamentals. We supply mats, towels and water for your convenience, but you are welcome to bring your own.

What is an apprentice program?

The BodyLogic Pilates’ apprentice program is a unique mentorship opportunity offered to teachers who are in the process of becoming certified or are newly certified instructors. The skill set required to perform exercises well differs greatly from those needed to teach effectively. Our program aims to challenge instructors to go beyond their understanding of theoretical principals of Pilates and incorporate practical methods and techniques for working with clients in order to elevate the skill of teaching to an art.

If you are interested in enrolling in our program, please email for an application.

Why is an apprenticeship program important?

Most teacher training programs do not include formal apprenticeships. Once instructors “graduate” from their course, they are often left to teach on their own in a vacuum without feedback or instruction from more experienced teachers. We provide teacher trainers with individualized feedback, class assignments and clinical practice. The goal of our apprentice program is to produce teachers of the highest caliber with exceptional standards of instruction.

Be selective about the teacher you decide to work with and their training…the difference is profound.

What can I expect during an apprentice lesson?

BodyLogic apprentices are personally guided by their Pilates mentor in their work with clients and classes. They are instructed on proper Pilates protocols and teaching techniques. Apprentices are not simply learning exercises, but more specifically how to teach. Lessons are supervised by a certified instructor to ensure client safety. Apprentice lessons are an excellent way to work with a qualified instructor at special apprentice rates.

Are Pilates and the GYROTONIC® Method only for women or can men do it too?

These two exercise modalities are absolutely for men.  In fact, Pilates and the GYROTONIC® Method were invented by men. These workouts address issues that pertain specifically to areas that men benefit from the most, flexibility and core strength.