The MELT Method®

The MELT (Myofascial Energy Length Technique) Method® is a self treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heals injury and erases the negative effects of aging and active living. MELT is a breakthrough technique that keeps your connective tissue and nervous system in top condition. MELT uses a series of easy, precise movements using small balls on the hands and feet. This program quickly rehydrates connective tissue allowing the body to release tension and stress. 30 Min MELT is structured as a precursor to the mat class. Come for MELT, stay for MAT. 60 Min MELT is designed to allow you to dive deeper into the work and encompass more of your body. You won’t believe how you can alleviate aches and pain.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat. Classes are 30 minutes and 60 minutes.